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Tax Credit Calculator

Contributions over $25 to the Saskatchewan Progress Party are eligible for a provincial tax credit of up to $650. This isn’t just a deduction, it’s a credit taken directly off your owed Saskatchewan income tax. Use the Tax Credit Calculator below to help maximize your contribution!

Tax Credit:
Actual Cost:

β€œThe rules for tax credits on political donations are outlined in The Political Contributions Tax Credit Act, 2001 (the β€œTax Credit Actβ€œ). Individuals and corporations may donate to registered political parties as well as individual candidates.

Tax credits are only for monetary contributions. Receipts may be issued for contributions over $25 and must only be issued by a chief official agent for a registered political party or a business manager for a certified independent candidate. Official receipts for income tax purposes will only be issued in the name of the contributor.”

Retrieved on Dec 31, 2022 from http://elections.sk.ca