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Robert Rudachyk
Saskatoon Westview

Born in Saskatoon, Robert grew up in the City of Weyburn. He returned to Saskatoon to study Biology at the University of Saskatchewan and received a Bachelor of Sciences degree in 1990. He is a father of two, and is active in the community, having served terms on the Mayfair School Community Council and the local community association, in addition to work within his faith community. He has a passion for human rights and the environment, and has a strong interest in renewable energy, where he would like to see our province achieve its full potential through economic and energy diversification.

Bruno Sahut
Regina Lakeview

Educated in France and Canada; Married to a Key Leading Feminist; Student Leader; Union Activist; Teacher; President & Executive Board Member; Lay Chaplain & Bilingual Marriage Commissioner; Standard & Poor Business Leader; Guest speaker at a Lesbian Feminist Activists’ retreat in New York City.

Jeff Walters
Regina Northeast

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Jeff and his family moved to Regina in 2006 to work with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in delivering much needed federal farm programs to the farming communities across Canada. Currently, he is an instructor at the University of Regina teaching students the values of human rights and democracy. Jeff is a devout family man who wishes to make life better not only for his wife and five children, but for all families in our great province. Now is the time for us to become the change we need.


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