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Our Policies: Strong and Diversified Economy

The Green Transition
  • Recognize the advantages of our unique provincial landscape, promote solar panels and wind farms;
  • Implement incentives to reduce emissions through programs like the Feed-In Tariff System;
  • Partner with the province of Manitoba to create a hydro power grid;
  • Partner with Indigenous communities, to allow for local sustainable activities to thrive and be part of the solution;
  • Invest in research and development at Saskatchewan’s universities on clean energy;
  • Create economic opportunities for canola producers wishing to enter the canola-based bio-diesel market.
Electrical Car Charging Stations on Saskatchewan Highways
  • Work with the private sector to provide electrical charging stations for vehicles at intervals of 100 kilometers on all major highways in the province.
Film Tax Credit
  • Bring back the Film Tax Credit with the offering of a hybrid model of both transferable and partially refundable credits available;
  • Work with businesses and those in the industry, committing to major investments in such things as studios and permanent sound stages and other big-ticket items, allowing the province to become a central location for future TV and film opportunities that would go well beyond anything else in most of Canada.
Interactive Digital Multimedia Tax Credit
  • Create an interactive digital multimedia tax credit policy that is competitive with the global market as part of a plan to diversify the Saskatchewan economy to its full potential;
  • Attract companies and educators to come to Saskatchewan in the interactive digital multimedia field.
Live Music Incentive
  • Offer, for a period of four years, a direct tax rebate of 100% per year per person for all artists and the traveling support staff they employ (drivers, setup crew, etc.) for income earned at three performances per year;
  • The rebate cap would apply to an additional three performances per year for artists’ income if the performance(s) are recorded and released as an audio “Live Album” within one year of the performance(s) with the venue or festival name included;
  • The rebate cap for artists who reside in Saskatchewan would be 20 performances per year.
Develop Nuclear Energy Industry
  • Pursue development of a nuclear power generation and/or enrichment facility in coordination with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and Nuclear Waste Management Organization.