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Our Policies: Modern and Effective Education

Education Reform: Primary and Secondary Education
  • Return lost public funding;
  • Fund creation of a universal Pre-K program;
  • Create permanent online options;
  • Forge Indigenous partnerships to work towards agreements to ensure equal funding for quality education for all Indigenous communities.
Education Reform: Post-Secondary Education
  • Expand permanent online options;
  • Re-evaluate the need for the influx of administrative staff and other overhead expansion and establish budgetary overhead/academics ratios to create a balance of expenditures;
  • Update and modernize the student loans regime, the goal should be graduation and not profit;
  • Stabilize tuition increases by legislating the increases cannot exceed yearly inflation;
  • Introduce a Student Housing Tax Credit to help them cope with rising housing costs, in addition to the education property tax renter’s rebate;
  • Increase funding for our Northern communities understanding that location should not be a detriment to quality education at the post-secondary level.