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Our Policies: Accountable Government

Modernize Political Donations
  • Limit yearly personal/individual donations to a specific amount competitive with other provinces;
  • Adjust tax deductions for individual donations to cap out at the full donation amount;
  • Reduce corporate and union donations to half the amount of a personal/individual donation for party and half for constituency associations;
  • Ban all donations whose source is outside the province (individual, corporate, or union).
Indigenous Partnerships for the Future
  • Negotiate strong inter-governmental relationships with Indigenous communities;
  • Encourage self-governance and independence;
  • Create working groups to increase inter-governmental efficiency between both parties;
  • Act on all provincially relevant TRC calls to action;
  • Open up the North through partnerships, education, and investment.
Science and Technology Ministry
  • Create a Minister of Science and Technology and a Science Secretariat to support the Minister and their office. The addition of Minister of Science to a cabinet need not be expensive as it would require only a small support staff. Members of a ten-member Science Secretariat would serve on a volunteer basis.
Government and Political Reform
  • Institute a Fair Advertising in Government Act to prevent the misuse of public funds for propaganda purposes;
  • Ensure the full disclosure of MLA budgets to allow for greater scrutiny of office and legislative expenditures;
  • Give more power to the Provincial Auditor and increase their respective budget;
  • Ensure all constituencies have approximately the same number of people and their grouping is a fair reflection of the communities that reside there;
  • Look to reducing the overall number of constituencies to make them more commensurate with the actual population size of the province.